Utilizing the latest, world class automatic test equipment and the state-of-the art fault isolation techniques available, TELAB is capable to find solutions to repair these devices at a fraction of the cost compared with purchase of new one. And in the case of older PCB's that the original manufacture no longer produces, we can develop a repair solution that will extend the service life of  equipment. Additionally, we can develop rework solutions for manufactures and OEM's. TELAB can also repair circuit boards where the original schematic is no longer available as long as you can provide us with a working, Gold Standard board. We also have the expertise to design upgrade circuits in order to repair boards where an original component is no longer manufactured or available.

Technological background

TELAB provides component level repair on high-end circuit boards and PCBs. Utilizing the latest, state-of-the art test equipment and troubleshooting techniques, along with the most sophisticated soldering rework stations, we can repair or remanufacture practically any circuit board or PCB. From sophisticated WAN modules, Telco PCBs, RF modules, interfaces to fiber optic lines and practically any type of circuit board or PCB, we can come up with a solution to support your repair / remanufacturing needs and help to the return  of your investment.


TELAB company has the capacity to test, repair or replace a broad range of parts when original ones are defective or deteriorated and restore full functionality of equipment. We test and repair all types of PC Boards fitted in systems and many other parts like cabinets, shelves, etc. Thanks to our detailed testing and renovation process, we can certify as ETN (Equivalent to New) a product that has been taken off the manufacturer‘s production line or demounted due to obsolescence.

All units and boards being repaired entered into our database. We returned to our customers approximately 90% of repaired boards. The remaining 10% of boards is irreparable or the repair is not economical. In this case TELAB can replace fault or defective unit with its equivalent.