Our Offer

TELAB company is one of the best partners for online buying and selling of new and used mobile network equipment. We keep an extensive inventory of new and used telecom equipment in stock at all times that is ready for short time delivery. Along with the complete range of mobile network equipment, all respective spare parts are available. Each network equipment of ours has to pass complete inspection, testing and refurbishing process and is subject of long warranty. For details about our inspection, testing and refurbishing process, click here (Test and repair).

Reduce capital expenditures

TELAB company understands that since the initial start of their operation the GSM networks have always been in the trend of redeployment elicited by need to generate assets reduction of capital expenditures and improve standardization within the network. If our solutions are accepted, our customers will be able to achieve competitive advantage due reducing the costs for more that 50% within the purchasing of our mobile network equipment and spare parts. TELAB cooperates very closely with mobile networks operators around the globe for to prepare tailored offers for decommission, packaging, transport, test and redeploy of networks.