Horizon ll mini

Horizon II mini Horizon II mini

Motorola’s Horizon ll mini, a smallmacro Base Transceiver Station (BTS) has been designed as a low entry cost BTS. It can be quickly deployed for rural and roadside coverage and in higher subscriber networks it can be utilized as a hotspot capacity solution. It provides future proof investment capability by supporting both Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) andEDGE technologies. The Horizon II mini can provide up to 4 carriers. Up to 4 mini cabinets can be deployed in a logical site and can also be deployed via extension from Motorola’s Horizon II macro, Horizon macro and M-Cell6 base stations to provide cost-effective in-fill cells.

Base Station Controller

Base Station Controller Base Station Controller

The Motorola Base Station Controller (BSC) completes the GSM basestation sub system and is a well proven complement to Motorola’s class leading wireless access solutions. It supports all Motorola’s GSM coverage and capacity solutions and mobile data enablers including GPRS and EDGE, with addition of the Packet Control Unit. Motorola's introduction of the Large BSC feature offers a software only cost-effective capacity solution for networks experiencing rapid-growth and high-density traffic configurations. For efficient management of capital investment the Motorola BSC is highly scaleable up. There is also considerable flexibility in the backhaul, provided through the transcoder, allowing for capacity expansion over time without the need to purchase additional equipment.

Horizon II macro

Horizon II macro Horizon II macro

Motorola’s Horizon II macro delivers a high capacity, cost efficient BTS, for the next phase of GSM service evolution. Its compact footprint BTS designed for medium to high capacity requirements in urban and semi rural environments. It supports operator data service development through GPRS CS3&4 and EDGE capability, as well as co-location with UMTS through product stacking. It is enabled for software voice capacity features, such as GSM Half Rate and Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) Half Rate. Through innovative design, Motorola has incorporated double density transceivers that deliver two carriers per unit, resulting in a 12 carrier BTS with a 27% smaller footprint than any competitive offering.